Mark Drum has been working in the towing industry since 2002. He started out like many towing operators as a light duty driver servicing AAA members and private tows. With his work smarter not harder mentality he soon began finding ways to become more productive and use easier methods to do a better job. Over the years he saw several new products come out that he had thought of years prior. In the summer of 2014 he was out on a heavy duty tow and had to remove the drive-shaft from the towed unit when he realized there was no tape in his truck. He had no way to secure the U-joint bearing cups. After fighting the cumbersome drive-shaft out of the slip joint and then back in once he completed the tow he decided there had to be a better way to do it. Drums Cup Caps were born!! he developed a prototype and put it to use. After months of using the prototype and working out any problems with it he settled on a final design and started the manufacturing process. This was just the beginning!!! We are currently working on developing several more specialty items for the towing and truck repair industry. We have launched an online store and are partnering up with other innovators in the industry to bring our customers the latest innovations to make the job of towing vehicles safer, easier, faster, more cost effective and with less chance of damage to their customers assets. Our motto is our business, "Work smarter not harder".